Steve Sheraton

Steve Sheraton

Meet the wacky inventor of iBeer and other improbable successes

OMG, I'm famous and defective!!! Read about me in Mel Magazine where I shine with bright quotes like “iBeer is the burp that grew bigger than me”. More of my bright and dark sides in this AMA on Reddit.

In other news: My latest invention for magicians wins industry awards and is called Replica4D.

Swiss-born inventor and magician Steve Sheraton’s career started at the famed Hollywood Magic Castle into which he snuck and promptly got hired to play the main showroom.

Sheraton's absurdist physical comedy-magic catapulted him into headliner status at Cabaret Casino Monte Carlo, the Riviera Casino, Las Vegas, and the Scala, Madrid, supporting luminaries such as Ray Charles and innumerable stars on TV shows in 28 countries.
Steve retired from stage in 1997 and has since owned movie theaters in Switzerland, saved jazz clubs in San Francisco, broke software houses in Barcelona, and produced Grammy shortlisted CDs in Los Angeles.

As a designer, cinematographer, audio engineer, coder, and polyglot (7 languages) with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Sheraton founded now legendary novelty company Hottrix, best known for iBeer (90 million users), which he sold in 2008 so he could dedicate his life to invention and the arts.

In 2015 Sheraton reemerged with the satyrical CD "Bad Music for Loud Neighbors" AKA "The world's worst CD", garnering international headlines for no good reason.

In 2016 he began creating shapeshifting optical illusions and immersive light installations and just recently he finally completed a magic app he's been fiddling with for over 10 years: "Replica4D".

Replica4D live performance

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