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Hi there!

I'm Steve Sheraton

I will probably be remembered for the cult app iBeer and its 120 million users. I now dedicate my time to the arts and their intersection with technology. I love making niche apps for professional performers and not having to market the hell out of them. As a cinematographer, engineer, magician, artist, and coder I created a lot of wacky and award-winning things. Some of those I share with you on this website. Enjoy!

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David Pogue, New York Times

"My favorite iPhone add-on! (iMunchies)"

- David Pogue, New York Times
TIME Magazine

"Steve Sheraton developed an obvious best-seller; iBeer."

- TIME Magazine
The Verge

"Good. Clean. Honest. Fun. The parlor trick that brought smiles to the faces of millions."

- The Verge
Best of iTunes 2008 - 2011

"Multiple app of the month awards, highest grossing top 10, and editor's choice."

- Best of iTunes 2008 - 2011
CNN Money

"Must-have iPhone app! (iBeer)"

- CNN Money
Condé Nast Traveller

"Top 30 Clubs in the World (about Steve's Music Venue in San Francisco)"

- Condé Nast Traveller
Fortune Magazine

"A billion dollar industry founded on digital beer."

- Fortune Magazine
David Penn -Wizard Magic Review

"As magic apps go I don’t think it gets any better than this! I have to give Replica4D 100%."

- David Penn -Wizard Magic Review
Steve Faulkner -Real Magic Review

"Replica4D looks incredible, it’s great fun, very magical, it’s the magic app for people who aren’t into magic apps"

- Steve Faulkner -Real Magic Review
Ellen Degeneres

"The guy who invented this must have had a few too many of those..."

- Ellen Degeneres

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