Exclusive Collection

Exclusive Collection


I craft professional software tools for the passionate performing artist and take as long as I need to make them excellent. I keep my creations away from the app stores so I can include 'forbidden features', limit public exposure, and guarantee they work on all spectators' iPhones and Androids.


My apps are immaculately designed, coded, and proven to work reliably under duress of live-shows. They've won industry awards and have a small but loyal following. They're exclusively available here or from a few trusted retailers with an impeccable record for customer support.


Keeping my portfolio small and exclusive I can guarantee excellent personal support and swift attention to feature requests. By not wasting energy on marketing hype I can focus on product quality and attention to detail.


I'm an artist first, engineer second. My background as a touring performer who speaks 7 languages provides me with the unique skillset to understand the software needs of stage professionals internationally. I can anticipate a performer's challenges and address their problems before they arise.


The commercial success of my consumer apps have put me in a comfortable position. I don't need to hustle, overpromise, or rush to market. That's why I take my time and only release a product when it's truly ready and error-free. An app can put your reputation on the line; I understand that and I deeply care.