A nod to my visual comedy past, yet truly modern as it's a mixed reality app that runs on any spectator's phone with zero preparation, then erases itself without a trace. It's outrageously wacky and bizarrely magical.

Poke your finger into your spectator’s phone where it develops a life of its own performing feats of magic or wacky side show visuals - the choice is yours. Super easy to use and highly versatile you’ll stun your audience with an ice-breaking visual gag or a full routine.


KrazyFinger Details

Now with interactive objects

Stick your finger into your spectator's phone and pull chosen cards out... Hilarious, wacky, and magical the finger is under your full command so you can shorten or lengthen the routine to adjust to your audience reactions. Make it walk, wiggle, and jump out at your will. Or let it run on autopilot. Up to you! All on your spectator’s phone!

Poke a card

Treat KrazyFinger like an object from phone app and blow their minds by sliding objects out of your spectator's phone. We've added the ability to pull objects out of a spectator's phone without poking a finger inside; A move originally invented by Steve in 2007, later misappropriated by others, we're taking it back.

KrazyFinger Features

Cute or gross; The choice is yours

Many routines included that don't involve separated fingers, including the viral sensation where you pull out a low battery warning popup! You have full control over the trick's grossness level at any moment!

Versatile and universal

Select from various objects to pull out your spectator's phone on the fly. It adjusts to your hand size and complexion with a single touch. Features precise visual and audio cues to guarantee perfect timing. Large hidden buttons and no reliance on sensor access make KrazyFinger a pleasure to work with. KrazyFinger Fanpage.

iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablets

Whatever device your spectator hands you it'll work with Krazyfinger!

KrazyFinger Revolutions

Mixed video reality

This is the first magic app that mixes interactive video elements with fully functional web technology on a spectator's phone. Zero access to the phone needed prior to performance. Watch how you can trigger finger-walks, finger-wiggles, finger-jumps on the fly while being able to scroll the WikiPedia page, slide the "live finger" anywhere, and handle a trapped playing card all at once!

Instant adjustments

Adjusting finger size and skin tone happens in one hidden motion when you borrow the phone. Remember: You are actively changing not just an image's look and behavior on a spectator's phone but an actually interactive video element that you fully control; A first in magic.

Works on any borrowed smartphone

and requires no apps, downloads, or pre-show preparations. Best of all it leaves no traces on your spectator’s phone. In fact, your spectator goes to Wikipedia themselves and that’s what the phone shows during and after the effect

Erases itself from the spectator's phone

KrazyFinger erases itself from the browser history and back button. It leaves no traces. No cleanup necessary.

Behind the Scenes

Here is one of the short and sweet tutorial videos so you can appreciate the versatility and quality of what at first glance appears to be a simple sight gag.

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