Arguably the most sophisticated app for magicians allowing you to imitate an entire operating system, social media apps, and custom objects that reflect light, and come to life.

This award-winning app took me over a decade to finish. It's the secret weapon of top names in the business because it allows anyone to create hyper specific custom effects tailored to the TV show or corporate client at minimal effort but maximum result on iOS, Android, iPad, and tablets.

It's the only app to ever receive the prestigious 300% rating on the world's longest running magic review show Wizard Magic Review.


Replica4D Details

"As magic apps go it doesn't get any better than this!"

-David Penn, Wizard Magic Review

"It looks incredible. The magic app for people who are not into magic apps."

-Steve Faulkner, Real Magic Review

"Replica4D is the best magic app I've seen."

-Rooster Robertson, Roo's Reviews

Replica4D Features

Extremely versatile

Meet Replica4D, the most customizable visual magic app on the market. Bend space and time by producing any object from Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or your client's website. Things jump out of photos and bounce around, trapped inside your phone, tablet, or computer, then pop into physical reality.

Custom objects

Make light-reflecting custom objects using simply 2 photos.

Custom environments

Fake entire operating systems and apps with nothing but a few screen shots. The app animates it to perfection for you.

Invent your own app

In just a few minutes you create a custom act to match the event, client, brand, or show. Nobody will guess how little effort was involved!

Replica4D Revolutions

So good, it's forbidden

Replica4D is banned from all app stores because it can imitate iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and any lawyered-up (social) media app. That's why it works on all smartphones as a revolutionary "progressive web app" that looks and acts like a native app but doesn't require the approval of an app store or an internet connection.


Replica4D can make clones of itself which you can customize with entirely new objects and environments, essentially creating limitless unique apps.

Truly limitless

Replica4D works on any smartphone and no additional licenses are needed if you perform on iOS and Android, and Mac, and Windows. You're allowed to create limitless apps, even share them with other Replica4D users.

Replica4D has its dedicated website:

Behind the Scenes

Layers of perception

This clip demonstrates the amazing customization possibilities. Everything you see was user-generated with simple photos or screenshots, then auto-turned into 3D and animated by the app:
  • Scrollable Facebook (your feed made from screenshots)
  • Animated Post (card vanishes from post, made from 2 photos)
  • 3D signed card (your card appears on screen with physics properties, light reflection, and animated shadows, made from 2 photos then animated by app)
  • App closing animation with card remaining on screen (automatic)
  • Home screen (yours made from a screenshot)
  • 4th dimension (3D card vanishes from screen and appears in your hand instantly without awkward side-sliding)

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